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We welcome you fellow Dreamers to the community-powered Dreamer RO Wiki! This website is made to help newbies and veterans alike to get familiar in the world of DreamerRO as well as helping the whole community spread the word about one of the best high-rate Ragnarok Online server. Anyone is free to edit/contribute to this wiki!

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A fountain of knowledge about pretty much everything on the server, ranging from the custom items, to the custom quests, to the Hero and Elite Hero Quests, to the elusive raid-boss Hades! We will try our best to give out the latest information on the server as well as assisting in all your troubles in the game. For further information/assistance in the server, please go to the forum site of our server:

Server Information Edit

DreamerRO is the leading ragnarok online private server in the world. Founded on November 1, 2008, by a group of passionate developers with a keen eye for balance and originality. With the help of our amazing community, we have been able to develop dozens of original features and balance our gameplay to provide a unique experience.

What do you mean by 'Unique Experience?'

For starters, at DreamerRO you can reach max level in less than 30 minutes with the use of a mercenary...The fun begins after you are max level, where you will start your quest to become a Hero. In order to become a Hero you will need to complete a series of quests and even slain a dragon to prove your worthiness. Once a Hero you will need to earn Hero EXP through Hero Trials in order to increase your Hero Rank. There are 4 different Hero ranks, each one unlocking a new set of equipment, stats, skills and access to new hero features and hero dungeons. But we don't want to spill all the fun... so hop on and start your quest to become a Hero today!

Specifications (Server Stats):

Rates: 8,000x/8,000x/3,000x
Max Level: 500/120
Max Stat: 500
Max ASPD: 195
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Main Town: Caspen (@go 0)
Average online: 500 ~ 700
Renewal System: No
Third Jobs Implemented: Yes (some areas are trans only)
Global WoE Times: Yes
Custom Gears: Yes

Basic NPC's (Non-Player Characters)

Main NPC Card Remover MvP Warper Healer
Reset NPC PvP & WoE Warper Item Remover Identifier
Job  Changer Global Broadcaster Extensive Mall PvP Ladder
Universal Rental Banker Extensive Tool Shop Slot Enchanter

Exclusive/Custom Features

Hero Quest & Trials Vote4Points System Custom Dungeons
Balanced Skills DeathMatch Arena Exclusive Battlegrounds
Anti-Hack System Custom @commands Hunting System
Automated Events Casino NPCs Newbie-Friendly Items
Custom Pet Skills Modified cards effects Donation Clones
MvP Hunter Endless Tower Mini-games
New Job Mounts Mercenary System Channel Chat System


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